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Hardwood Selections

hardwood options

About our Hardwoods

At SongCraft Station, we hand select premium woods from a small group of wood purveyors. Using this process, each desk we build is unique. We are also happy to build your desk in the wood selection of your choice, ranging from American oak to Indian rosewood. You may wish to match your desk trim with the same hardwood that was used to build your acoustic guitar. Whether you are looking for saeple, bubinga, and other exotic woods, we will be happy to give you a custom quote. For more info and special requests, write us at: info@SongCraftStation.com

New All Wood and French Polish Finish Series

We are delighted to now offer our desks with an all-wood appearance and an optional hand-rubbed French Polish finish. Built with Grade A plywood veneer, these stunning studio desks are slightly lighter in weight than our Standard Series desks with laminate tops. Because these desks are lighter, we strongly recommend ordering our Desktop Cable Cabinets with these models to offset keyboard weight.

For users ordering our All-Wood Series studio desks with keyboard drawers and not wishing to order our optional cabinets, wall-mounting brackets will be provided to assure stability.