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Select from our list of functional components - designed to increase productivity & reduce clutter

Desktop Cable Cabinet

This revolutionary new original design unit features two 15" x 15" monitor platforms with hardware staging areas measuring 15"w x 10"d x 7"h located below each platform mounted upon a cabinet designed with grommets for concealing wires and cables that extends the width of the desk. Available for 53" and 64.5" desks. Power strips can fit inside our cable boxes to eliminate unsightly wires and cables.

Desktop Power-Up Cable Cabinet

This unit features 2 standard size 15" by 15" monitor platforms, hardware staging areas measuring 15"w x 10"d x 7"h below the monitor platforms, plus an 8 circuit power strip providing 8 inputs for plugging equipment into and 8 switches to allow for powering up equipment in sequence, all housed in a decorative desktop cabinet designed with grommets to conceals wires and cables. Available for 53" and 64.5" desks; not available for 48" desks.

Monitor Stands

Our free-standing, wood-trimmed monitor stands come standard size with 15" x 15" platform tops providing 12" x 12" x 7" high inside clearance and are not attached in place to provide you with greater workspace flexibility. Also available in custom sizes upon request.

Matching Hardwood Legs

All standard desks come with tapered rock maple legs painted black. Add an extra upscale look to your desk with wood legs coordinated to match your desk trim.


Casters provide mobility for your desk in the studio. Note: casters come with locking mechanisms to prevent movement while you are performing various tasks. Casters also add up to 2" inches in overall height of desktops.